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5 Amazing Nature's Sunshine Product Testimonies

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

In a recent newsletter I asked my customers to tell me about their favorite products. I got some great responses. Below you'll find 5 Amazing Product Testimonies.


Please note these statements have not been approved by the FDA. They are personal testimonies based on the opinion of the writer.

I love to hear product testimonies. I carry such a large variety of products that's it's easy to forget about some. Hearing about your favorite products and what they have done for you really helps bring them back to the front of my mind. It's also great for all of my customers to hear your experiences. They might be struggling with the same health issues and hearing your testimonies can really help them find products to help.

Chinese Nervous Fatigue

Stock No. 1884

Vicky Thayer has been using this product for 28 years. She uses it for adrenal fatigue, circulation, liver support, and nerve support.

"This product gives me energy, helps me sleep, stay calm and helps support during stressful times". - Vicky Thayer

Sinus Support

Stock No. 1250

Darlene Thorpe has been giving Sinus Support to her daughter for almost a year now. She has used this product to help her daughter's hearing loss. It's amazing how much it has helped.

"Since starting on it she can hear so much better, she can go without her 2 hearing aides at home". - Darlene Thorpe

Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray

Stock No. P95044

One customer who would like to remain anonymous says the Nature's Fresh Enzyme Spray has really made a difference with her incredibly itchy skin. She has been using this product for 3 years and says she feels a great relief when spraying it on her skin.

Food Enzymes

Stock No. 1836

Sandy Wynne had a tough time choosing her favorite Nature's Sunshine Product because she enjoys so many of them. She was able to choose Food Enzymes as the top favorite because she's been enjoying them for 20 years. They help her with her esophagitis reflux (GERD).

"I love all the NS products I use because I have seen over time how each of them helps my issues and has made a difference." - Sandy Wynne

Aloe Vera Juice

Stock No. 1680

My daughter, Emily, wanted to include her own product testimony. Aloe Vera Juice is one of her all-time favorite products. As many of you know she was born with esophageal atresia and because of that has dealt with a variety of digestion issues as an adult including acid reflux. Aloe Vera Juice has been a life saver when her stomach is off.

"Aloe Vera Juice is great. Sometimes I have bad cases of reflux in the night that will leave my esophagus and stomach feeling sore and irritated the next day. Drinking Aloe Vera Juice provides so much relief. It has such great cooling and healing properties". - Emily Meyer

Do you have a product testimony you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it! Click here to share your testimony.

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