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Why I Use and Sell Nature's Sunshine

Updated: May 16, 2019

Nature's Sunshine Products are a huge part of my business. I have been using Nature's Sunshine Products for over 30 years. Their products continue to help my customers, my family, and myself. I'm happy to be involved with a company that puts so much care and time into every product they make.


Wide Range of Products

My journey back to health started years ago in a little health food store called The Natural Gourmet. In the store, I carried a few supplement lines and Nature’s Sunshine (also referred to as NSP) was one of them. I always made sure to try all the different brands that we carried in our store. I liked a lot of them, but I really liked that NSP had so many different herbal combinations for all the health issues I would see in myself and my customers. They now have over 600 products to choose from. Not only is their product line extensive it is of the highest quality you can get on the market today!

High Quality and Potent

The supplement market is not regulated, so anyone can pretty much put together a supplement line even if they have low-quality products. That's why I take comfort in the quality standards of NSP. They test each ingredient in their products for absolute purity. They even have an open invitation to tour their production plant at any time. If you want to read more about NSP's purity click here.

Having a pure product also means they are very potent. For example, I have had customers buy cheaper brands of melatonin and then tell me it didn’t work nearly as well as the NSP melatonin. Even my son in law is hooked on NSP since trying their melatonin in comparison to the drug store brands he had been using. With NSP, you get what you pay for. While most cheaper brands have loads of fillers and binders, NSP actually creates high quality, potent products.

No Fillers or Junk

In all the years I've been doing this I have seen so many different vitamin brands. I've learned how important it is to read the labels. You'll be shocked to find what some companies are putting in their products. You'll find food coloring, soy oil, sugar, and many other various fillers. Those types of ingredients don't promote good health. Logic tells me that I am taking a vitamin to feed my body so it will heal and those substances would do the opposite of that. NSP might be a bit more expensive than the brands you can find at the drug store, but you get so much more for your money.

Great Prices and Deals for NSP Members

One last and very nice reason to why I use NSP supplements is that you can sign up as a member and buy at wholesale pricing. They also have an auto-ship option which gives you free shipping on a $100 or more monthly order. Plus you get points on the auto-ship program and start getting free products of your choice each month. So that makes it very affordable anyone using NSP products long term. As a member, you also have the option to sign people up under you and create your own NSP business. I have so many people who started selling NSP because of how much better they felt from these top of the line herbs and vitamins.

Drop us a line if you are interested in learning more about NSP and would like a consultation. I would love to help you decide which NSP products are right for you.

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