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My Favorite Things: Evy's Tree

Health and wellness extend far beyond herbs and vitamins. While those types of things have a big impact on our health, good health is about your whole being. Sometimes that means treating yourself to a dessert with a friend or staying up late to watch a movie with your family. One of my favorite treats is shopping. Evy's Tree has become one of my favorite brands and is the first of My Favorite Things series.

Yes, the first of many of my favorite things! I am starting with a subject I have been in love with since childhood and that is fashion. I've always had such a passion for unique clothes, pretty hair, and fun jewelry. Even as a young child I would use my mother's sewing machine and make clothes for my Barbie Dolls. When I got older I worked part-time jobs just so I could buy the expensive clothes I wanted. Then I made the decision to go to college for fashion merchandising. Although this never turned into a career, my love for all things fashion remains.

Evy's Tree is a clothing line that has really taken over my wardrobe. In the picture above, I am wearing one of their most sought after styles, The Sophie. They create clothes that are comfy and perfect for leisure but can also be easily transitioned to going out with friends. I found them on Instagram and if you are a fellow Instagrammer you know how dangerous it can be scrolling through and finding new things!

If you would like $20 off your first Evy's Tree Purchase just click here.

Do you have a favorite clothing brand that isn't as well known? Let us know in the comments. I love finding new brands and I also like to support smaller businesses.

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