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Emily's Favorite Products For Digestive Issues

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A lot of you probably already know that I was born with esophageal atresia. To put it simply, I was born without an esophagus. Thankfully, because of what my Mom does for a living, I have been able to live a healthy normal life without the need for a large number of medications. In this article, I'll be sharing my 6 favorite Nature's Sunshine Products for my digestive struggles.

If you have similar digestive struggles and have other products you love, please let us know in the comments below. We always like to hear about what's working for you.

Despite my dramatic entrance into this world, I live a fairly healthy life as an adult. However, I do battle with some digestive issues. I struggle with heartburn, acid reflux, many different food allergies, and overall I have a sensitive stomach and can deal with slow digestion because of my esophagus. Also if I do get a spout of nausea it can get pretty bad. These 6 products listed below help support my digestion and keep my struggles at bay.

1. Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice

I previously talked about my love for Aloe Vera Juice in the article, "5 Amazing Nature Sunshine Product Testimonies". Aloe Vera Juice is amazing. It helps soothe my stomach if I have heartburn, reflux, or just a regular old upset stomach.

2. Hi-Lipase

Stock No. 1528

Hi-Lipase is an enzyme supplement for people who have trouble digesting fats. Since I have a sensitive stomach Hi-Lipase really helps my digestion. It's a great enzyme if you are prone to heartburn or acid reflux.

3. Slippery Elm

Stock No. 1391

Slippery Elm is actually from a bark. This bark contains mucilage, which becomes slippery and soothing to irritated tissues when wet. These soothing properties are amazing for the digestive tract. As a kid my mom would mix slippery elm in rice milk and give it to me as a bottle. As an adult I continue to enjoy slippery elm mixed in with tea or warm almond milk. It's great to drink before bed to settle your stomach for sleep.

4. Intestinal Soothe & Build

Stock No. 1106

Intestinal Soothe & Build has become a regular part of my vitamin and herb routine. This herbal formula helps ease, soothe and cleanse a toxic bowel and may help with occasional bloating pressure in the intestinal tract.

5. Lavender Organic Essential Oil

Stock No. 3847

Lavender is great when my digestive issues flare up. If I have heartburn, reflux, or a bad stomach ache I'll rub lavender on my skin right on top of my stomach, throat, or esophagus. It always takes the edge off and provides almost instant relief.

6. Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil

Stock No. 3846

When all else fails and I end up getting bad nausea, Pink Grapefruit comes to the rescue. Whenever I sniff Pink Grapefruit it helps brighten up my senses and helps bring some relief. I even used Pink Grapefruit when I was in labor with Ivy. Of course it didn't make everything better but it definitely brought some relief.

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