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Friends Hangover

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

I had to name this blog Friend Hangover and here’s why, I just had 3 days and nights with 4 of my closest friends/college roommates. It had been a while since we had all gotten together. I am such a quiet homebody lately that I was almost dreading this weekend. Why you ask? As I get older, I tend to want to stay even keel maintain balanced emotions. I knew that with all of us together there would be tears, laughter and love. All I could think prior to their visit was how draining the emotional roller coaster would be. But I was so wrong. On the contrary, it truly filled my soul to feel such an array of emotions with these friends I love.

The hangover continues today, two days later. I am still thinking of the laughter and the love. Being able to fall right back into our friendships was so refreshing. We know each other so well that the time apart hasn’t hurt our sisterly love for one another. The magical connection that sparked between us so long ago shone just as bright this weekend.

Two days later, I'm still giggling to myself during my workday as I remember a funny moment or think about their silly personalities. We are all so different now. One is a doctor, one works in marketing, one is a job recruiter, one has left a career as a dietitian to sell antiques and I am a natural health practitioner. Yet when we get together, we are the same girls we were in college just with some wonderful age and maturity. Age has only enhanced our the advice we give to each other about our careers, children, and passions.

Healing isn't just about herbs and vitamins or perfect diets. Sometimes healing is about laughter, love, and good food. If you're in a rut, reach out to a friend. Don't be scared to feel all those crazy emotions. Even if you're an introvert like me, let yourself laugh, cry, and most of all love. And enjoy the friend hangover that will follow. Sharing ourselves can be exhausting but it can also relieve our stress and make us feel alive again. And to let you all know, I'll be holding on to this hangover until I see my lovely friends again!


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