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5 Products for a Winter Glow Up (Beauty from the Inside)

Here in Western New York, we're no stranger to harsh winter weather. If you're freezing in the cold like us, then you know what the dry cold weather can do to your hair, skin, and nails. Here are 5 Nature's Sunshine Products that can bring life back to your hair, skin, and nails.

You may be surprised to see that 3 out of 5 of these products are to be taken internally. When we think of skin or hair care products we usually think about lotions, balms, oils, etc. But did you know beauty starts from the inside? When you support your body's needs with the proper nutrients you'll glow from the inside out.

5 Nature's Sunshine Products for Beauty

All of the products listed below are from Nature's Sunshine. I'm an Independent Nature's Sunshine Consultant and would love to have you join my team. Nature's Sunshine is a multi-level management company. It's a great way to become your own boss and earn some extra money. Or if you just want a great price on high quality products, becoming a member is the best way to do it. I made sure to list the member and non-member price of each product below so you can really see how much you'll save by signing up.

To join my Nature's Sunshine team all you have to do is click here (or any product link below) and place an order of $40 or more. When checking out you'll have the option to sign up and that's how you'll get member prices. If you have any questions about joining my Nature's Sunshine downline please feel free to contact me here.

Want free shipping on your Nature's Sunshine order? Read more about signing up for Sunshine Rewards auto-ship program here.

This Product is amazing and so easy to use. I've enjoyed combining it with my frothy morning coffee. I froth some almond milk with my milk frother and combine it with my coffee and collagen. The collagen is completely flavorless so I don't even know it's there.

Research conducted over the past 20 years has found that collagen supplementation can promote improvements in health and address many of the physiological needs associated with aging. These numerous studies have shown beneficial effects on skin including increasted skin elasticity.

Collagen Stock #: 22336, Member Price: $42.95, Non-Member Price: $64.45

2. HSN-W (Hair Skin and Nails Formula)

This is an amazing product for your hair, skin, and nails. It's great any time of year but it's especially great in the winter month when those features need a little extra love. HSN-W contains herbs and botanicals with many antioxidant benefits.

HSN-W is a combination of herbs that promote the health and strength, of the hair, skin and nails. This nutrient-rich formula includes some amazing vitamins and minerals such as calcium and silica that are necessary for the growth and maintenance of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

HSN-W Stock #: 945, Member Price: $16.30, Non-Member Price: $24.45

Jojoba Oil is a little bottle of magic. It restores luster to dry or damaged hair and will help protect hair against the damage of the winter. If you have very dry hair massage a few drops into your scalp after shampooing. If you have oily hair but want a good conditioning treatment massage a few drops in a half hour before your shower then wash out thoroughly.

Obtained from the seeds of the jojoba plant, this rich oil has been used for centuries for its moisturizing benefits for dry hair and skin. Jojoba oil contains proteins, minerals, and a wax-like substance that actually mimics collagen. This is what makes it so effective in promoting healthy skin, improving acne, psoriasis, and even sunburn.

Jojoba Oil Stock #: 1695, Member Price: $16.75, Non-Member Price: $25.20

Nature's Sunshine authentic formula, developed with herbs direct from India, is true to the Ayurvedic philosophy of restoring balance to the body. If you've been struggling with problem skin, it might be time to clear it from the inside out. As the largest organ of the body and one that has continuous contact with the environment, the skin needs proper care and nourishment to remain healthy.

Ayurvedic Skin Detox contains a blend of herbs that improve digestion, strengthen liver function, purify the blood, promote elimination via the colon and kidneys, and fight bacteria, fungal, and viral infection. That's why this herbal formula can help with so many skin ailments. It's aiding your body's natural elimination functions which will result in fewer breakouts of the skin.

Skin Detox Stock #: 1299, Member Price: $34.35, Non-Member Price: $51.55

Of course, a list of products to fight winter dryness wouldn't be complete without a good lotion. Nature's Sunshine's Hand & Body Lotion is so smooth and not at all greasy. It's also a great lotion to use with your essential oils.

Hand & Body Lotion Stock #: 21575, Member Price: $21.40, Non-Member Price: $30.60

I hope you enjoyed this list of 5 products to help you glow up naturally this winter. Do you have a favorite Nature's Sunshine product to help with hair, skin, and nails? I'd love for you to share it in the comments!

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