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Connect With Your Emotions

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

As I reflect on 5 days with my grandchildren and my daughter and her husband I am learning much about understanding my emotions.

As I entered my house after all the hugs and kisses goodbye, my house was deafeningly quiet. Side not they live 71/2 hours away and I know many people deal with family member who live far away and I have sympathy for them also. This quit house set me off on a heart that literally ached with the feelings of sadness. Then I said to myself, get dressed and get to Whole Foods for some food you need to divert your attention. I was doing well until a song came on while shopping called “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. I heard bits and pieces of the song and it touched a spot in my heart and turned on the overwhelming emotions again. I had to work hard to keep it together and when I got in my car I put the song on to hear it again and wow the water works started! I cried the whole ride home and it’s not easy to cry and drive! My husband reminded me this is my process of handling sadness to wollow in it to work it through. Glad he knows me so well!

Then today I am doing better and came across a card about messages and the one that came up for me today was spot on! I will give you a bit of what it said: Take time to understand how you really feel. Know that your sensitivity is not a curse, but a gift that allows you to receive and understand messages directly from your soul. ( yes liking this so far and I kept reading) The card was called Water Guardian, and it continues: Water is the element that is in your blood, your tears and your flesh. The Water Guardian represents the angels of Water, who can help you dive within to understand the depth of your emotions. These angels are all about helping you see that your emotions aren’t just the feelings that are on the surface, they are also the old emotions you may have locked deep within the shadows of your soul. Through helping you acknowledge your deepest emotions, the angels of Water help you to hear the messages these have for you and to unlock your intuitive powers and the energies of abundance.

Then it continues: Your angels want you to know that it’s okay to feel the emotions that are surfacing in you at this time. It doesn’t matter if they are joyous or sad, they are all powerful messengers that allow you to understand what you want and need. Taking time to breathe and acknowledge them lets them flow through you rather than crashing down on you as an overwhelming wave.

It never gets old to find messages and synchronicity’s in life to guide us into and onto our path and our purposes. And through this note I hope I can encourage all of you to let your life be more than surface level and to listen to life’s small and big messages to guide you along your path of true self.

This is a different note than usual and it is meant to let you all know that a new month is here and we can be renewed anytime we want and we can utilize our emotions to help us no matter what they are. I know our health is so much more than our aches and pain bruises and wounds. It’s about mind body and spirit. This bible quote also give us the message of renewal, growth & healing: Psalm 51:10

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”

One note about supplements, I have one I like to use when I am under stress and working my way back to normal. I like to say normal because I have found that when we are feeling our best it is our normal state of being. The product is Adaptamax and if you're not a Nature's Sunshine member you can be with no extra cost and you can get 25% off plus free shipping. Let me know if you're interested in a product to help you adapt to the everyday stresses. It contains Korean ginseng, rhodora, Eleuthera,gymostemma, ashwagandha, schisandra, suma, & reishi. These are all herbs that would be classified as Adaptogens.

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Thanks for reading my thoughts today and Happy August

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